About me

I understand art as a game. I experiment with different materials to generate forms where the figurative mixes with the abstraction.

Hi there! My name is Fermín Urdánoz Peru, I was born in Pamplona (Spain), where I currently live.

All my professional career has always been linked to artistic creation. Developing projects in different disciplines such as art direction, graphic design, illustration and, of course, drawing and painting.

My work has been exhibited in different places such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Granada, Vitoria and Pamplona.

The production process plays a fundamental role in my work. I enjoy creating in an impulsive and gestural way. I attach great importance to improvisation. In this way, the spontaneous mixes with the accidental, producing unexpected and surprising results. The different elements of the painting flow together creating compositions that combine the freshness of powerful and expressive strokes with accidental stains.

I love discovering the great expression of simple lines splattered with paint.

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